Wheelchair Spoke Guard Adaptors

Wheelchair Spoke Guard Adaptors

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Code: TEWO



Quantity:     supplied in pairs


The patented TEWO adaptors are designed for TEWO spoke guards only. There are two types of adaptors available designed for 22inch and 24inch wheelchair wheels with the standard 36 cross-laced or radial laced metal spokes. The spare adaptors are supplied in pairs.

Product Code - Detail:
A01 - TEWO adaptor for crossed spoke wheels - £15.85
A02 - TEWO adaptor for radial laced spoke wheels - £15.85

TEWO Adaptor for crossed spoke wheels
Crossed spoke adaptor - for wheels with spokes that cross just after the hub.

TEWO Adaptor for radial laced spoke wheels
Radial laced spoke adaptor - for wheels where the spokes do not cross each other.