bed slipper socks

Fleece Bed Socks


Soft, fleecy, warm, bed socks for men and women. Loose design does not restrict circulation.

Stainless Steel Cookware Sets

Waterless Cookware

from £100.00

Masterpiece is a selection of bespoke cookware. Waterless cooking, 18/10 stainless steel. Flavours are natural and aromas along with the nutritional food properties are retained.

Timocco Child Motion Games

Child Motion Game
Home Edition


Interactive child development game. Designed to truely improve cognitive and motion skills for children of all ages.

Timocco Child Motion Games

Child Motion Games

from £475.00

This is software at it's best the interactive motion game designed to engage children of all ages in physical and cognitive activities. Upto 100 users, fun and with database to store and monitor ongoing game process.

apres shower body dryer

Apres Shower Body Dryer

from £595.00

The Apres roll in shower full body warm air dryers - mobility bath aid for independence in the shower or wet room. White or chrome option
UK Manufacture.

car back support cushion

Car Cushion

from £33.50

Great cushion for the car seat - makes people who have to drive a lot much more comfortable and can help prevent future back problems.

Sheepskin Car Seat Covers

Luxurious Car Seat Covers

from £87.75

These are real sheepskin car seat covers designed for seats with front or side airbags. They are luxurious, very soft and cooling in summer, warm in winter.

Harley Orthopaedic Travel Pillow with case

Orthopedic Travel Pillow with case

from £41.40

When going on holiday don't forget to take your travel pillow. For plane, train, cruise, bus, car travel or as a beach pillow. No more need to use someone elses.

Bioptron's compact small Color Lens Set

Bioptron Colour Therapy

from £470.00

The 21st century self help tool - harmonise and touch your body and soul in the right places. Learn about how to stimulate your Chakras and Reflexology Points with colour.

Hand-held Massager

Hand Held Massager

£ 85.00

The one and only body massager with five different massaging surfaces. Pamper yourself and partner with a real massage at home.