bed slipper socks

Fleece Bed Socks


Soft, fleecy, warm, bed socks. Loose design does not restrict circulation.

Smuffles Hand Muff

Smuffles™ Hand Muff


Smuffles™ are hand muffs with attitude - for all outdoor activities where gloves are impractical. Can be tailor made for your needs.

Hand Muff

Hand Muff


Very soft warm hand muff for men and women made with Gore Antarctica lining. Made from weatherproof fabrics.

Bioptron Color Therapy Lens Sets

Bioptron Color Therapy Sets

from £770.00

Complete color therapy sets with introduction to color therapy and treatment manual. Balancing and enhancing the body's energy centres, helping to stimulate the body's own healing process.

wheelchair cosy

Wheelchair Leg Cosy


Warm fleece lined cosy for use in the wheelchairs. Water-repellent outer for added rain protection.

Harley Orthopaedic Travel Pillow with case

Harley Orthopedic Travel Pillow with case

from £41.40

Travel pillows for airplanes designed to offer both neck and back support. For travel on airplanes, as a beach pillow or as a small orthopedic neck pillow.

Mobility Scooter Garage

Mobility Scooter Garage

from £178.50

Mobility Scooter Garage with solid frame. Available in a variety of fabrics standard to heavy duty wear, welded or stitched seams.

Wheelchair Under Seat Box Bag

Wheelchair Under Seat Box Bag


Box bag fits under the wheelchair seat. Suitable for folding and non folding wheelchair frames.

Monthly Pill Box with Talking Alarm Clock

Talking Alarm Reminder

from £31.20

Talking Alarm Reminder with optional monthly pill box helps to enable taking tablets on time everyday.

Leg Warmers

Leg Warmer


Soft fleece leg warmers, clothing designed for wheelchair users.

Microwave Heat Pad

Microwave Heat Pad

from £15.65

Microwave or freezer hot or cold pads or scarves containing 100% naturally treated oat grains.

Blue Disabled Badge and Timer Wallet

Blue Disabled Badge and Timer Wallet


Well designed durable leather wallet for storage and display of the European style blue badge and time card. Available in black, pink and purple.

Micro/Mini Scooter Travel Bag

Micro/Mini Scooter Carry Bag

from £97.55

Heavy duty padded travel bags for mini and micro mobility scooters and batteries. Protection during transport and when travelling.

Hand held Massager

Hand held Massager


Stimulates the sensations of a professional health-club massage in the comfort of your home.

Real Medical Lambswool Sheepskin

Medical Sheepskin


Single medical sheepskin with 30 mm pile for use on mattress or chair. Therapeutic use - rheumatic pain, ischial pain, back pain, night restlessness.

Coccyx Pain Relief Cushion - Designer Wedge

Coccyx Pain Relief Cushion

from £41.10

Memory foam wedge cushions - lower back pain and coccyx pain relief.

Wheelchair Wheel Slippers

Wheel Slippers


Wheelchair accessory - Tactile wheel slippers, protection from dirt and moisture when bringing the wheelchair indoors.

wheelchair blanket

Wheelchair Blanket


Wheelchair blankets made from functional protective outdoor fabrics. With removable inner thermal fleece blanket.