Blood Pressure Monitors

Digital Blood Pressure Monitor

Digital Blood Pressure Monitor


Blood pressure monitor with Fuzzy Logic System. Designed for use on the arm.

Digital Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor

Digital Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor


Digital wrist blood pressure monitor. Equipped with the new Fully Fuzzy Logic System.

Blood Pressure Monitors the basics

What is a normal Blood Pressure reading?

A normal blood pressure reading is dependent on your age and sex / gender. The best way to find out your normal blood pressure reading is to consult your GP who will advise on what is the normal pressure for your individual body.

Buying your own Blood Pressure Monitor

Your doctor may advise you to measure your own blood pressure using a home monitor. There are lots of home blood pressure monitors on the market. Choose one that you are comfortable with. Make sure that the model you choose has either been tested in the UK or checked by your nurse or GP. Take your blood pressure monitor with you on your next appointment with your doctor and compare readings. This way you will know how accurate yours is. If it runs high or low in comparison to your GP's you will be able to adjust your readings accordingly.