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Independence where it matters

fresh bath board

Fresh Bath Board

from £26.00

Fresh is the award winning easy to fit and adjust bath board. Handicap Bath Aids - Senior Adult Bath Aids .

Edge Shower Stool

Edge Shower Stool


A versatile, height adjustable, comfortable shower stool that fits perfectly in a corner of even small showers. Lightweight and durable bathroom aid.

swift shower stool and chair

Swift Shower Stool and Chair

from £59.85

Functional, reliable, durable shower chair that can change as circumstances change. Red Dot Award for Innovative Design.

Clean Combination Shower and Commode Chair

Clean Combination Shower and Commode Chair


The Clean range of shower and commode chairs is comfortable, durable, secure and easy to use for both user and carer. Available in attractive pastel colours.

apres shower body dryer

Apres Shower Body Dryer

from £595.00

The Apres roll in shower full body warm air dryers - mobility bath aid for independence in the shower or wet room. White or chrome option
UK Manufacture.

rufus bath board

Rufus Bath Board

from £53.70

Bath board designed to make it easier to transfer to and from the bath. Rufus designed for maximum user weight of 160kg.

Kaskad Shower Stool

Kaskad Shower Stool

from £61.35

This shower stool offers a functional solution for shower or bathroom. Kaskad is durable, easy to clean and available in different heights.

Swift Commode with Pan and Cushions

Swift Commode with Pan and Cushions


A true multifunction Bathroom Aid - a shower chair, commode chair and free standing toilet seat raiser. Swedish design at its best.

clean shower commode chair

Clean Shower Commode Chair


Self propel 24inch wheel shower and commode chair. Clean chairs are designed to last and be adaptable to changing needs.

bioBidet toilet seat

BioBidet 800

from £506.00

Toilet seat with control panel. Electronic operation. With warm water spray and blow dryer.

rufus bath stool

Rufus Bath Stool


Comfortable and well designed Swedish Rufus bath stool. Rufus offering a range of fundtional bathroom aids.

Rundis Shower Stool

Rundis Shower Stool


A practical, simple and good quality shower stool. Small but stable with a maximum user weight of 150kg.

Swift Shower Stool Accessories

Swift Shower Stool Accessories

from £14.95

Swift changes as your circumstances change or. The Swift accessories range offers you to be able to adapt the stool or chair to your needs.

Clean Shower Commode Chair Accessories

Clean Shower Commode Chair Accessories

from £13.45

The full range of accessories available to adapt your Clean Shower and Commode Chair to your current needs.

bioBidet 1000

BioBidet 1000

from £576.00

Electronic luxury toilet seat with WRAS approval. Heated hydraulic seat and lid. With remote control, ultimate cleanliness and comfort.

rufus bathing chair with back rest

Rufus Bathing Chair with Back Rest

from £76.70

Swedish design bath chair with back rest for added stability and comfort.

rufus plus shower stool

Rufus Plus Shower Stool


Sturdy shower stool with a maximum user weight of 160kg. Rufus the Swedish range of functional reliable handicap bath aids.

rufus folding shower chair

Rufus Folding Shower Chair


Folding shower chair, easy to transport and store. This folding shower chair is available with soft or ridgid back rest.

rufus plus shower chair

Rufus Plus Shower Chair


Sturdy shower chair for people who require a chair with a greater maximum user weight - x plus bath aids.

seal tight cast - bandage protector

Seal Tight Cast - Bandage Protector


Seal Tight protects bandages and plaster casts when bathing or showering from getting wet. Kid and adult sizes available. Bathroom accessories that give independence.

Stapel Footstool

Stapel Footstool


This hygiene stool is ideal for stepping into the bathtub, or as a footstool when using the toilet. A functional bathroom aid.

hi-loo toilet seat

Hi-Loo Toilet Seat

from £30.65

Available in 3 heights, easy to fit and remove. Superb for temporary use and to take when on holiday or away on business.

Cloo toilet seat raiser

Cloo Toilet Seat Raiser

from £135.60

Cloo is a stable and comfortable toilet seat raiser available with or without armrests.

seal tight leg cast and bandage protector

Seal Tight Leg Cast and Bandage Protector


Protects bandages and plaster casts from getting wet when showering or bathing. Superb protection for leg ulcer bandages. Independence in the bathroom available on prescription.