Disability Equipment - Kitchen Aids - Waterless Cookware Sets

feed cutlery and beek mug

Feed Cutlery and Beek Mug

from £7.93

Feed cutlery is ergonomically designed for children and adults who need help eating and drinking. Soft and rounded shapes make feeding easier and more comfortable.

fix preparation board

Fix Preparation Board


Preparation board to hold items in place - making food preparation easier for people who can only use one hand or have weaknesses in the hands or arms.

cut cutting board

Cut Cutting Board


Cutting Board simplifies cutting - turn bar to control thickness.

tasty crockery

Tasty Crockery

from £7.93

Dishwasher proof crockery that makes eating and drinking easier for people with impaired strength or mobility in hands and arms.

Stainless Steel Cookware Sets

Waterless Cookware

from Zepter

Masterpiece stainless steel waterless cookware sets are designed for healthy cooking, natural flavours, aromas, nutritional food properties are retained.

light cutlery

Light Cutlery

from £9.52

Swedish range of cutlery, recognised for good design and functionality. Available in a variety of shapes, sizes, angles.

relieve cutlery

Relieve Cutlery

from £9.52

Relieve Cutlery are cutting aids that are designed to make effective use of the hand's and arm's strength.

relieve cheese slicer

Relieve Cheese Slicer


The Relieve cheese slicer provides both pain relief and strength. Particularly suitable for people with rheumatism.