Disability Equipment - Walking Aids

Adjustable White Folding Stick

Adjustable White Folding Stick


Hand made height adjustable white walking stick made from strong aluminium with wooden hand grip.

strong walker bag

Wrap Around Walker Bag


Strong and durable walker bag designed for carrying shopping, books, etc.

Net Bag

Net Bag


Durable mesh net bag with securing straps. Fits any walking frame.

Dolomite Rollators

Dolomite Rollators

When it comes to rollators Invacare's Dolomite range offers a pro-active, fall prevention programme aimed at keeping people out of hospital and independent. Invacare - Dolomite reliability you can trust, from one of the most advanced testing facilities.

etac ono medical walkers

ETAC Ono Medical Walkers


One of the most popular Swedish good value 4-wheeled walkers with a safe and simple cable less braking system. Ergonomic handles suitable for arthritic hands and easy to adjust for height, with fixed height adjustment positions.

Walkers and Walking Aids: How to Choose

Common Questions

Why are static walking frames and three-wheeled walkers not used in Sweden?

Because research conducted over many years established that walking frames do not promote a natural gait and are unstable. Three-wheeled walkers are also unstable and, as such, do not pass mandatory safety tests in Scandinavia.

What is a SINTEF test?

SINTEF is an independent testing laboratory for walking aids, based in Blindern, Norway. This institute conducts testing and issues certificates of conformity for all walking aids permitted for use within the respective Scandinavian countries and harmonised with Directive 93/42/EEC on Medical Devices. Tests for stability (forwards, sideways and backwards), static loading, fatique are conducted. All NCS walkers have been and passed the SINTEF testing requirements.

Why are four-wheeled walkers preferred by the Swedish population?

Because the Swedish health care system recognised their value in any, pro-active, fall prevention programme aimed at keeping people out of hospital and independent and active in their home communities, as well as improving mobility. This policy has resulted in a reduction in costly hip fracture operations and has probably contributed to Sweden having the oldest population in Europe.