Play Equipment for Children and Adults with Mental and Physical Disabilities

kids play wedges

Kids Play Wedges

from £48.85

The play wedges are used to keep children comfortable and properly supported. Made from visco-elastic memory foam. Creative play therapy support.

kids play rolls

Kids Play Rolls

from £73.15

The play rolls are available in three sizes. Designed for balancing, rolling activities and as comfy play seats.

Timocco Child Motion Games

Child Motion Game
Home Edition


Interactive child development game for individual children at home. Improving cognitive and motion skills with ADHD, ASD, DCD, CP, LD and Physical Disabilities.

Timocco Child Motion Games

Child Motion Games
Professional Editions

from £475.00

Interactive motion games designed to engage children in physical and cognitive activities. Includes therapist's tools, for 10 to 100 users. Available with database for progress monitoring.

easy to see playing cards

Easy to see Playing Cards


Playing cards with large letters, large numbers and colour coded suits for the visually impaired. Complete with innovative designed card holder.

Four in a row

Four in a Row


Game for two players - easy to use, playing stand and tactile counters. Folds for easy storage.