Pill Boxes, Talking Recording Clocks, Keychains, Watches, Low Vision Aids

Talking Keychain

Talking Key Chain


This is a talking key chain that is also an alarm clock. It has a clear English voice and is very easy to operate.

3-Event Talking Recording Alarm Clock

3-Event Talking Recording Alarm Clock


SPECIAL OFFER Remaining Stock - Record up to 3 separate reminders for upcoming events in your own voice. Announces the time in a clear female voice.

Talking Keychain Silver

Talking Key Chain Silver


This neat talking key chain has LCD display and a clear female voice to announce the time at the touch of a button. The alarm is a great rooster crow.

Weekly Pill Box in Nylon Travel Case

Weekly Organiser with Nylon Travel Pack

from £15.60

Compact weekly pill box organiser - seven individual daily pill boxes in a well designed nylon case with Velcro closure.

Alarm Clock Medication Pill Reminder

Pill Medication, Personal Message Alarm for loved ones

from £39.60

Record up to six personal messages for loved ones - good morning, take pills, behave yourselves, love you Schatzi, Prayer times, endless possibilities.

31 Day Tablet Organiser

31 Day Monthly Tablet Organisers

from £30.00

31 day tablet and vitamin organiser with easy to open lids and colour coding to show when daily dose is complete.

31 Day Pill Box with Large Pill Compartments

31 Day Organiser with Large Pill Boxes

from £33.60

Monthly tablet organiser with large individual compartments for daily tablets and / or vitamins.

Compact Monthly Tablet Box

Compact Monthly Pill Organiser

from £27.60

Compact 31 day tablet organiser for daily tablets and / or vitamins with easy to open lids.

31 Day Compact Pill Box

31 Day Compact Pill Organiser

from £20.40

Monthly pill organiser with individual removable tablet boxes. One for each day. Ideal for use with mobile tablet reminder app. or talking clock / watch.

Talking Alarm Clock

Talking Alarm Clock

from £31.20

Talking alarm clock to alert when it's time to take medication. Set up to four daily alarms.

Talking Alarm Clock with Six Personal Recorded Messages

Talking Personal Reminder Alarm Clock

from £39.60

Record up to six personal alarm messages, alerting the user when it is time to carry out tasks. "Good morning it's time to take your pills, get out of bed" etc.

Daily Pill Case with Alarm Watch

Daily Pill Case with Alarm Watch

from £22.80

Daily pill box with four compartments, morning, noon, evening, bed time. Complete with alarm watch and durable nylon case.

Monthly Pill Box with Talking Alarm Clock

Monthly Pill Box with Talking Alarm Reminder

from £60.00

Monthly pill box with talking clock helps to enable taking tablets on time everyday.

Compact Monthly Pill Box with Talking Alarm Clock

Compact Monthly Pill Box and Talking Reminder

from £51.60

Compact monthly pill box with talking clock. Pill boxes can be removed and taken along when needed.