Back Support Belts for women and for men

universal back support belt

Lumbar Support Belt


Popular narrow lumbar back support belt for hip and pelvis support. Unisex design. Sizes small to x-large.

harley power plus back support belt

Sport - Heavy Task Belt


The Power Plus back support belt is designed for heavy tasks and sports activities designed with integrated removable back protection pack.

gentle form support belt

Lower Back Support Belt


Comfortable, lower back support belt with removable back protection pad. Unisex design.

harley posture correcting shoulder brace

Posture Correcting Shoulder Brace


The Clavicle Shoulder Brace is designed for postural round shoulder support and upper back pain relief. Unisex design.

harley sacroiliac belt

Sacroiliac Belt


Sacroiliac Support Belt designed to stabilise sacrum and provide added pelvic support. Unisex design.