Back Support Cushion - Orthopedic back supports for chairs

harley posture back support cushion

Harley Posture Perfect Back Support Cushion


Back Support that's designed to fit most chairs. Supports the natural curvature of the spine.

car back support cushion

Car Back Support Cushion

from £33.50

Back Support Cushion for any car seat. Can also be used on office chairs. Visco-elastic Memory Foam.

harley lumar back support cushion

Harley Lumbar Back Support Cushion

from £38.30

Back Support Cushion offering lumbar and lateral support helping to reduce back strain and pain.

spine support cushion designer

Spine Support Cushion


Back Support for pressure relief for back and spine. Visco-elastic foam moulds as you move.

Paediatric D-Roll Designer

Paediatric D-Roll Designer


Lumbar back support roll for gentle support from early age. Moulds to the body contours for comfort and support.

harley winged back support cushion

Harley Winged Back Support Cushion


Back Support ideal for office chairs providing stable and balanced sitting.

harley circular lumbar rolls

Harley Circular Lumbar Rolls


Lumbar roll suitable for most types of chairs to provide added lumbar back support.

Harley D - Shaped Lumbar Rolls

Harley D - Shaped Lumbar Rolls


D shaped lumbar rolls for home, office and car chairs and seats. Supplied with luxury velour cover. Great back support.

lumbar roll designer

Lumbar Roll Designer


Designer Lumbar Roll made from visco-elastic memory foam. Lumbar Support for most any chair or seat. Great back support.