Paediatric and Adult Wedge Cushions - Coccyx Pain Management Cushions

Paediactric Wedge Designer

Paediatric Wedge

from £25.70

Wedge cushion designed for children school chairs to encourage positioning. Designed in collaboration with Physiotherapist Department.

Harley 11 Degree Wedge Cushion

11 Degree Wedge Cushion


Wedge cushion for pelvis tilt easing back pain. Optional coccyx cut out for sacral bone pain management. Fits car seats and office chairs.

Harley Slimline Wedge Cushion

Slimline Wedge Cushion


Wedge cushions for car seats. Helps spine to maintain it's natural position. Positioning cushion for car seats.

Coccyx Pain Management - wedge cushion with optional coccyx cut out

Coccyx Pain Relief Cushion

from £41.10

Wedge cushions with optional coccyx cut out. Prevention and care for sacral bone and lower back pain.