Orthopaedic Pillows

Harley Orthopaedic Neck Care Pillow

Harley Orthopedic Neck Pillows

from £43.45

Harley orthopedic neck care pillows in range of sizes.

Memory Foam Pillows for neck pain

Orthopedic Pillows

from £52.98

Harley memory foam pillows, anatomically shaped for correct alignment of the spine. Non allergenic memory foam pillows for neck pain.

Harley Orthopaedic Travel Pillow with case

Harley Orthopedic Travel Pillow with case

from £41.40

Travel pillows for airplanes designed to offer both neck and back support. For travel on airplanes, as a beach pillow or as a small orthopedic neck pillow.

Bed Care Leg Raiser

Bed Care Leg Raiser


Leg raiser eases symptoms of Oedema, Varicose Veins and back pain. Complete with fleece cover.

Knee Support Pillow

Knee Support Pillow

from £23.55

Knee support pillows for hip problems. Comforting and easing, taking pressures away from the low back and hips.

V-shaped pillow

V shaped Pillow


V shaped pillow, soft support pillow for shoulder and neck support. Suitable for use in bed or the chair.

Travel Pillow for airplanes

Travel Pillows


Compact, portable travel pillows with carry bag. Doubles as lumbar roll, comfi fibre filling.

Back Support Pillow Relaxer

Back Support Pillow Relaxer


Support Pillow designed for people who cannot sleep lying flat (Hiatus Hernia, Respiratory Conditions).

Bed Care Mattress Tilter

Mattress Tilter support pillow


5" tilt leg and back support placed under the mattress. (Oedema, Varicose Veins, Low Back Pain, Hiatius Hernia, Respiratory conditions)