Pain Management, Acupressure, Reflexology, Body Massager, Colour Therapy

Acupressure Point Stimulator

Acupressure Meridian Point Stimulator

£ 53.00

Hand-held acupressure meridian point stimulator with 36 gold plated conductive pulse pins. Simple and easy to use.

Colour Therapy Sets

Bioptron Light and Colour Therapy

from £ 310.00

Bioptron Light and Colour Therapy. Compact 3, Pro 1 lamps and colour lens sets. Contact for local retail store, to become a distributor or to buy online.

Hand-held Massager

Handheld Body Massager

£ 80.00

Unique and innovative body massager with five different massaging surfaces for a complete massage in the comfort of your own home.

Real  Medical Lambswool Sheepskin

Single Sheepskin

£ 78.00

Single sheepskins for medical use with 30 mm pile. Can be used on mattress, chair, seat or any surface to give comfort. Therapeutic use.

Nodular Foam Ring Cushion

Nodular Foam Ring Cushion


Comfortable relief for painful areas, nodular design allows air to circulate freely.

Ring Cushion Designer

Ring Cushion Designer

from £39.25

Memory foam has revolutionised the old Ring Cushion concept. Changes its shape to fit your own unique body.

Microwave Heat Pad

Hot - Cold Pads

£ 15.65

Microwave / freezer hot or cold pads containing 100% naturally treated oat grains for hot and cold therapies. Minimum order quantities 5 pieces.

Folding Wool Seat Pad

Folding Wool Seat Pad

£ 23.20
Portable seat cushion with fleece padding. Warmth and added comfort when out and about.