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beauty comb

Beauty Comb

from £12.25

Ergonomically designed body care product, 2005 disability design elderly care products handicap aids.

beauty hairbrush

Beauty Hairbrush

from £13.85

Ergonomically designed hair brush. Carefully balanced to provide maximum power with minimal effort and strain. Handicap aids made simple.

beauty backwasher

Beauty Back Washer


Stays light and balanced even when wet. Shaped to make it possible to reach ALL over the back. Elderly Care Products.

beauty bodywasher

Beauty Body Washer


Unique shape makes effective use of power in the shoulders, arms and hands. With special wash cloth, washes effectively by not absorbing water. Handicap Aids Elderly Care Products.

car support handle

Handybar Car Support Handle


Safe support handle for getting in and out of the car. Locks into the door stricker on either driver or passengers door.

beauty hairwasher

Beauty Hair Washer


Designed to substitute the fingers when shampooing providing maximum power with minimal effort. Handicap Aids Elderly Care Products.

beauty multi purpose grip

Beauty Multi Purpose Grip


Beauty ergonomically designed body care products. As a nail file holder or when shaving or brushing teeth.

aktiv reacher

Aktiv Reacher


Reacher grabber designed specially for people with reduced strength in arms and hands. Making it easier to reach and grip with minimal effort.

aktiv reacher with hook

Aktiv Reacher with Hook


Small and versatile combination Reacher Grabber and Dressing Help. With magnet to pick up small metal objects.

uni grip turner

Uni Grip - Turner


Helps when turning taps, oven switches, cooker switches, opening and locking doors. Handicap Aids.

aktiv reacher with power grip and hook

Aktiv Reacher with Power Grip and Hook


Reacher Grabber with power grip takes the pressure of the wrist. Reacher Grabber jaw hooks make it easy to pull or push things. With magnet to pick up metal objects.

contour pen for rheumatics

Contour Pen for Rheumatics


Designed for people suffering from rheumatic / arthritic hands - the softly rounded shape gives this pen a comfortable grip. Handicap Aids Elderly Care Products.

socky stocking aid

Socky Stocking Aid

from £23.00

Makes it easy to put on short and long stockings, tights or socks. Small and handy. Medical Stockings Aid.

butler buttoner

Butler Buttoner

from £9.99

Ergonomically designed buttoner dress help tools. Buttoners for small and large buttons with handles designed to support impaired mobility in the arms and hands.