Wheelchair Gloves, Hand Muffs, Wraps and Cuffs for men, women and children

wet weather wheelchair gloves

Wet Weather Wheelchair Gloves


Designed by wheelchair users. Finger less gloves with padded full thumb. Super grip padded palms and neoprene leather backing.

Smuffles Hand Muff

Smuffles™ Hand Muff


Smuffles™ are hand muffs with attitude - for all outdoor activities where gloves are impractical. Can be tailor made for your needs.

Hand Muff

Hand Muff


Very soft warm hand muff for men and women made with Gore Antarctica lining. Made from weatherproof fabrics.

full fingered wheelchair gloves

Full Fingered Wheelchair Gloves


Cold weather wheelchair gloves. Super grip padded palms, padded thumb, neoprene leather backing. Designed for wheelchair use.

Junior Wheelchair Gloves

Junior Wheelchair Gloves

from £18.00

Designed by wheelchair users. Protection for young hands - Wheelchair gloves for Juniors from Globaleather.

wheelchair gloves easy fit

Wheelchair Gloves Easy Fit


Designed for wheelchair use. Lightweight neoprene glove with grip palm. Not padded, suitable for light use.

Wheelchair Cuffs

Wheelchair Cuffs


Made from hard wearing leather with added suede leather on the palm for extra grip - designed for ease of use.

leather wheelchair gloves

Leather Wheelchair Gloves


Designed by wheelchair users. Finger less leather wheelchair glove with padded full thumb for comfortable wheelchair driving.

gel pad wheelchair gloves

Gel Pad Wheelchair Gloves


Designed for wheelchair use. Finger less glove with Amara gel padding on palms and full thumb with padding. Soft comfortable and flexible.

Wheelchair Wraps

Wheelchair Wraps


Designed for tetraplegic and paraplegic users. Soft comfortable and flexible.

Fingerless Gloves

Fingerless Gloves


Comfortable fingerless gloves with crocheted back and padded leather palm. Sizes Small to Extra Large.