Wheelchair Spoke Protectors - Big-Bang

Wheelchair Spoke Protectors - Big-Bang

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Code: TEWO09



Quantity:     supplied in pairs


Big Bang
Hi Tech
Beautiful, so beautiful to be on the move. These guards edges have been rounded for your fingertips - another practical feature that distinguishes TEWO ROLLERCAPS from other spoke protectors.
Wheelchair spoke protectors are eligible for VAT relief in the UK - please complete and return the print VAT exemption form (see Customer Service section) and a refund for VAT will be issued to your purchasing card.

Product Code - Detail:
TEWO09-22/A01 - TEWO Guards Big Bang, 22inch wheel, with adaptor for crossed spokes
TEWO09-22/A02 - TEWO Guards Big Bang, 22inch wheel, with adaptor for radial laced spokes

TEWO Adaptor for crossed spoke wheels
Crossed spoke adaptor - for wheels with spokes that cross just after the hub.

TEWO Adaptor for radial laced spoke wheels
Radial laced spoke adaptor - for wheels where the spokes do not cross each other.

Design Materials:
TEWO wheelchair spoke guards are developed and designed by Wolfgang Temmel, the well known Austrian artist and himself a paraplegic wheelchair driver. The TEWO wheelchair spoke protector is a unique, reliable, safe and proven combination of engineering, experience and aesthetics. They are designed for 22inch and 24inch wheelchair wheels with the standard 36 cross-laced or radial laced metal spokes. The guards are not suitable for smaller or larger wheelchair wheels or those with plastic spokes. TEWO spoke protectors are cone shaped discs, mounted to the outer side of the large drive wheels of the wheelchair. The discs are lightweight and stable, with a rounded outer edge and made of deep drawn shaped polycarbonate. The vividness and durability of the colour is achieved through verre eglomise screen-printing, one of the most advanced screen-printing processes. TEWO roller caps add minimum weight and dimension to the wheelchair and take hard impacts, are shatterproof and dimensionally stable over a wide temperature range. TEWO protectors do not alter the characteristic features and dynamic properties of the wheelchair. Check with your third party insurance company for inclusion of the TEWO spoke protectors and possible deduction due to added finger and spoke security.